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Neoteny Health Centers

Returning Quality to Life!

Our Mission

At Neoteny Health Centers we are aware of the unique challenges that you are facing. We have spent years developing systems that allow you to play a central role in the health care you receive and the method in which it is delivered. Our staff, have received specialized training to create a unique Health and Wellness experience. We focus in areas that allow for Healthy Aging, reversal of Weight Gain and a restoration of Youth and Vitality using Natural and Bioceutical products that return balance and energy.

Obesity and Issues with Weight may be the result of poor health choices but, the ability to reverse those choices, when you are ready, may be hindered by Genetic Predisposition. This is where our Lean Life Protocol comes in. We address the Predisposition and get you on the path to Health.

Declining Health while we Age is a disease we no longer have to suffer from. Modern Science, Personal Coaching and Proper Fitness can reverse the effects of aging and put your most Vibrant Years in your future rather then the past.

Real Answers for Health Concerns:

We are all too aware of the efforts that are being made to push you into a One-Size-Fits-All Health Model. If you have discovered our site, chances are, you have been searching for answers that you are not getting from your Primary Care Physician. You know something isn''t quite right and the answers you have received leave you searching. That is exactly why we developed Neoteny Health Centers, your health is important to you and you deserve to know every option available to live a happy life devoid of the myriad issues associated with weight loss, hormone issues and aging.

The Science of Sound Nutrition:

Far too often and for myriad reasons, we are treating biological conditions and changes by attempting to force the body to accept an outside substance. At Neoteny Health, our scientific advancement introduces supplements specifically formulated to feed, reignite and reawaken those systems that have slowed or ceased due to age, in order to restore a youthful balance using the biological systems that exist within your body. This is the first level of approach to the biological conditions which cause certain functions to cease or slow with age.

Client Centered:

The fact is the quickest way to proper diagnosis and treatment is, talking with the client. This is an aspect of treatment most overlooked in today''s health and wellness community. Communication is critical, trust is imperative and these take one factor most do not allow for, Time! When was the last time you had a 20 minute chat with your physician during a visit? Because of the care we are committed to providing, we are able to allow for that missing factor. It will not take long for you to know, this is a different style of Treatment.

Technology When and Where it Adds Value:

Neoteny Health Centers know how to stretch the hours in their day by proper deployment of technology. We employ Vital Monitoring Devices that place your daily readings directly into your electronic file. Weight Scales and other Remote Devices that enhance the level of care and chances for avoiding health issues in the future. Your Personal Health Database also allows for Lab Work to monitor and track Blood Levels in real time. It''s like having a Coach on call everyday to assure you receive the most optimal treatment possible without the expense you may expect for such care.