Health Fair Screening and Employee Health Screening

Health Fair Screening and Employee Health Screening

Corporate Wellness Programs: The Grand Slam

Corporate Wellness Programs are as close to a grand slam proposition as you’ll find, according to the majority of researchers and Employer Health Promotion Program experts.

But if you have skeptics in your corporation who are questioning the time and expense of starting an Corporate Wellness Program, you may be wary too. Aren’t worker Corporate Wellness Programs subject to the adage “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”?

Corporate Wellness Programs Don’t Have To Be Costly

Fortunately, worker Corporate Wellness Programs don’t require a big investment. Like any other organization project, mismanagement and “death by committee” can inflate the cost of Corporate Wellness Programs, but it’s hard to spend too much time and money on them.

After all, Corporate Wellness Programs are mostly informational in nature. Flyers, e-mails, maps, and Employer Health Promotion Program Health and Wellness Fairs can only cost so much. There’s no expensive, specialized Employer Health Promotion Program machinery.

Employer Health Promotion Program statistics on successful programs are particularly persuasive. Unlike many cost-saving measures, Corporate Wellness Programs actually add to worker satisfaction – but they also reduce Medical Insurance premiums and worker absenteeism.

What are some common Corporate Wellness Programs?

Corporate Wellness Programs run the gamut, depending on your workplace demographic, from physical activity for health patients to nutritional initiatives that encourage workers to replace unhealthy snack foods with healthy fare like dried fruit and shelled nuts.

Examples of Corporate Wellness Programs:

  • ergonomic safety
  • cardiovascular disease education and testing
  • worker safety
  • Health Risk Assessments / Health Risk Appraisals
  • walking
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • drug testing