The Chair Relationship - Part 1 : The Waiting Room

The Chair Relationship - Part 1 : The Waiting Room
The Chair Encounter Meeting - Part 1

It was January 6th, 2009. A new dawn. A new year. A new day. "And a new tooth!" I heard one of the dentist nurse say that. I had driven a friend to the dentist. While I sat in one corner, waiting for my friend to come out, I noticed these three chairs. They just sat there, probably waiting for the dentist also. Or maybe they were waiting for some patients to come in. Hmm, it made me wonder about the chair I was sitting on.

Miss Left Blue Chair on left. Miss Red Chair in middle. And Mr. Right Blue Chair on the right. Miss Red Chair was married to Mr. Right Blue Chair. I nodded at the three of them, to say hi in a different form. They did not respond back, which made me wonder if they understood the reason behind my nodding. Or maybe they did not want to nod back to someone who was not from their kind. That is all right: one should not always expect something in some things. Or was I assuming things in a bad manner?

It was then that I saw Mr. Right Blue Chair look more than once, through glances, at Miss Left Blue Chair on left. They were a match! Blue with blue. As I thought that, I also thought how wrong it was to once again assume that aspect of things: why does blue have to go with blue? Regardless, while Miss Red Chair was beautiful in the mind of Mr. Right Blue Chair, Miss Left Blue Chair was also very pretty in the mind of Mr. Right, as I soon noticed.

A few moments after I had nodded to the three of them, I noticed something. It was something that was innocent in its basic nature, yet used in a very scary aspect. Mr. Right Blue Chair winked at Miss Left Blue Chair and made a gesture that he would like to meet her someplace else without Miss Red Chair knowing about it. But then I noticed something even more scary, something that should happen but something that when it happens, it causes a panic.

Miss Red Chair had noticed the wink and the gesture.

The story will continue in part 2: "She Noticed!"