The 24-hour Detox Diet

The 24-hour Detox Diet

The process of detoxification is getting rid of all the harmful toxins that has build up in our bodies through the food we intake, the medicine we took or the alcohol we downed. Needless to say, detoxifying ourselves will not only flush these bad substances away, it will also help us be healthier and avoid those ailments and diseases, and eventually, live longer.

Of course, if you will have your way, you will not shell out a good portion of your earning or your savings just so you can try out a natural detox diet that works well for you and fits your lifestyle, too. Sources of information about these free detox diet can be found online and you only need to know the best way to get them and you can be on your way to detoxification at no cost at all!

The lowdown on 24-hour Detox Diet

  • This is a strictly-liquid-only diet, so solid food are not allowed

  • Get yourself a blender or a juicer to make this diet work for you

  • You can prepare a fruit juice by combining a kilo of spinach, a bunch of coriander and parsley and fresh drinking water. Make sure you prepare them fresh, storing in the freezer defeats the purpose of this diet

  • You can infuse coffee or tea into your diet but keep it to a minimum

  • Having the urge to go to the bathroom a few times in a day is a sign that detoxification is in process, so you need not have to worry!

This quick fix diet is specifically ideal for drinkers or smokers or those who just had one too many servings of shrimps last night he wants to flush it out of his body or he will fall ill. Following it a number of times in a year will also prove most ideal as this will ensure that the detoxification process was carried out and completed.