Spin Bike Reviews

Spin Bike Reviews

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The next generation Revmaster spin bike will meet and exceed all of your indoor

bike training needs. The heavy duty X-frame structure provides that extra durability

to handle those tough and vigorous rides. This bike is very quick to adjust the seat

or handlebar settings to fit each users individual preferences. You can adjust both

the seat and handlebars up/down and forward/back to find the most comfortable setting.

The Revmaster’s also allow you to change out your seat should you desire, although

we found the factory seat to be very comfortable.

The crank system is one of the most heavy duty we have seen on a spin bike. The

belt drive system is very smooth and quiet. The Revmaster Pro is also more convenient

than some spin bikes in terms of maintenance because it doesn’t have to be oiled

like the chain drive systems. The optional Pilot Cadence (MSRP: $179) display is

well worth the extra money to get feedback on all your workout statistics such as

Time, Cadence/RPM, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate (Chest strap required for HR

and Calories). If you want to take your indoor bike training to the next level, you

will pleased with the new Revmaster Pro from Lemond Fitness.

We rate the Lemond Revmaster Pro with a “Highly Recommended” rating for a high end

The PaceMaster Gold SB is a solid and affordable spin bike. It is amazing how

a bike so compact and affordable can feel this durable. The adjustable seat and handle

bar positions allow you to find the most comfortable fit for your training. It has

a smooth flywheel that provides a great workout. The multiple grips on the handlebars

give you several positions to hold on to as you push yourself through those long

rides. The PaceMaster Gold SB is a great value if you are looking for a solid, reliable

bike to take your training indoors, but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your

We rate the PaceMaster Gold SB spin bike with a “Highly Recommended” rating as a

great value for a mid-range priced spin bike.

Spin bikes are commonly found in health clubs as part of their group cardio classes.

They are very popular for a very intense cardiovascular workout. Spin bikes are great

for cyclists as well as they provide a great alternative to road warriors during

those cold winter months. They provide a more realistic road bike feel compared to

their electronic resistance exercise bike cousins commonly found in clubs. They typically

have a heavy flywheel with brake and a sturdy frame to allow for pedaling while standing.

Spin bikes are also great in a home setting for cardiovascular workouts as they are

compact and quiet and don’t require to be plugged in.