Natural Health Source » Why do you need a pre-paid credit card.

Natural Health Source » Why do you need a pre-paid credit card.

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Why do you need a pre-paid credit card.

From some point, the pre-paid credit card is one of the best solutions you can find, if you have bad credit history, or dont have any yet. Many people today cant get approved for a credit card and since cards are needed for most anything like shopping online or paying all kinds of memberships, this is the perfect solution, or is it?A pre-paid credit card is a lot like a checkbook. You can write checks as long as you have money on your account. Then banks came out with a debit card giving them greater freedom while still using their checking or savings account. Now you can shop online using what looks like a credit card.Then pre-paid credit card appeared. This is very similar with a debit card but you dont need the checking account. You can apply for the pre-paid credit card with a 100 percent approval guarantee. Once you have the card then you can go to the places they tell you and load it with money. Then you have the freedom to spend at least until you use all the money on the card, then you have to load it again.While getting a pre-paid credit card you have to pay an activation fee at first which is usually 10 or more, then they charge a fee every time you load the card after that. But for people that can not get a real credit card it is well worth the fees so that you can have the spending power you need. Although a pre-paid credit card is by far easier to get approved for than a regular credit card, they are still all different and each one offers different special offers like some do not charge a loading fee. Some allow you to load your card using moneygram or have your employer load your paycheck on your card. It is best for you to go to a website where you can figure out all the differences between cards and compare them.In some ways a pre-paid credit card is easier to manage than a credit card. You dont have to worry about interest rate, finance charges, overlimit fees, and even a bill. If you dont have the money already on the card you will not be able to use it and you will not get into debts. So if you have no credit and you are unable to do the things you want because you dont have a credit card you dont have to look any further than a prepaid credit card. Dont let no credit stop you from shopping online or renting a car. You can be like everyone else and get a pre-paid credit card, they are accepted everywhere just like any other credit card and these dont let you spend more money than what you have and you dont have to worry about paying your monthly bill.

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