Banana nutrition has various health benefits Banana Nutrition

Banana nutrition has various health benefits  Banana Nutrition

Banana nutrition has various health benefits

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Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the entire world which are loved by both children and adults. Banana has a good feature that it is neatly packed with its own wrapper thus it is a clean food to eat. This is a sweet fruit which has a creamy flesh and is available in the market in almost all the seasons. This fruit can be eaten in a sliced form, whole form and even as salads, muffins or bread recipes. The bananas which are frozen can be added in the yogurt or ice-cream which is also a healthy food for your body.

Eating bananas have various health benefits for your body because banana nutrition is very high. This is one of the healthy food for the infants, children and the adults too because these are the best source of vitamins, minerals and fibres which is good for our body. Eating bananas can prevent from various cardiovascular problems, because it is rich is potassium content which helps in bone health too. The bananas have essential minerals which help in maintaining the heart functions and blood pressure. It also helps our body to reduce the sterol content as these are the very low fat food. The bananas have good fibre content which also helps to maintain the cardiovascular problems. The digestive benefits os bananas are one of the important factors; it contains fibre which helps to regulate the digestion in our body. The bananas are the fruit which is ripe and sweet but it helps to maintain the sugar and carbohydrate of the body.

The banana only constitutes an average calorie content which helps to maintain our body. The banana contains various vitamins like vitamin c which helps to improve your immune system, vitamin B-6 which helps in growing new cell in your body. It also consists of manganese which is essential for the metabolism of your body and also consists of other nutrients like calcium phosphorous and other vitamins that are good for our body. Adding banana to your diet also helps to keep your eye healthy; the small amount of vitamin A in the bananas acts a vital role in protecting your eyes.

If you are search for the foods for fitting into the weight lose diet then you can eat bananas which will help you to make your body perfect. Bananas have antacid effect which helps in protecting against the stomach ulcers. It is also a fact that, eating bananas can improve your mood. The bananas can use as a food that can be eaten after a workout session too.

You have to take care while selecting and storing bananas, select the bananas which are firm, not too hard and have a good appearance. You don’t have to consider the size of the banana because size of the banana has nothing to do with the quality and the banana nutrition. You can store the bananas in a cool storage places like refrigerator, these can also be stored as frozen.

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Banana nutrition has various health benefits

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