An Independent Comparison of Anti-Oxidant Values Found in Fruit & Vegetable Capsules

An Independent Comparison of Anti-Oxidant Values Found in Fruit & Vegetable Capsules

A Certified Laboratory Analysis

Tested using the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) method.

An Overview

The test employed to measure the degree of antioxidant protection of four products containing fruits and vegetables is called the ORAC Assay. ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity was developed at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts to measure the level of antioxidant protection of a product as well as the duration of the protection. ORAC measures the degree which a product, in this case fruit and vegetable capsules, inhibit the action of oxidative agents and the length of time this inhibitor occurs. The ORAC Assay integrates the strength and duration of antioxidant protection for a product into a single numerical value. The ORAC Assay has been shown to highly correlate with the level and time of protection in cells, body tissues and blood levels. In other words, there is a near perfect correlation between the ORAC value and the antioxidant and immune system protection in the body. This is important because oxidative stress has been demonstrated to accelerate the aging process in both cells and blood vessels. Oxidative stress also increases the risk of certain types of cancer, coronary heart disease and many other illnesses.


Two types of encapsulated fruit and encapsulated vegetable products were evaluated. Two sealed bottles were labeled Fruit Caps and Veggie Caps. The other two sealed bottles tested were fruit and vegetable capsules from another leading brand. All four products had been manufactured within sixty (60) days prior to the test. Each sample was assigned a lab identification number. The results of the ORAC Assay for each product were expressed in micro mole trolox equivalent per gram. For each product the tests were performed four times to produce average or mean values. The standard deviation, on average, approximated a relatively low 6% of the ORAC values; with the standard deviation being proportionately larger the lower the ORAC value.


ORAC quantification was achieved after performing the test four times with each product (16 total samples).

The Fruit Caps registered 3.53 times higher than the ORAC results obtained from the other leading brand fruit capsules. Correspondingly, the Veggie Caps had an ORAC value which was 7.29 times the ORAC value of the other leading brand vegetable capsules.

Which means Fruit and Veggie Caps are between 3.5 and 7 times better at preventing free radical damage than the leading competitor.